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, 2 (1), 46-57

Child Disaster Mental Health Interventions, Part I: Techniques, Outcomes, and Methodological Considerations


Child Disaster Mental Health Interventions, Part I: Techniques, Outcomes, and Methodological Considerations

Betty Pfefferbaum et al. Disaster Health.


This review of child disaster mental health intervention studies describes the techniques used in the interventions and the outcomes addressed, and it provides a preliminary evaluation of the field. The interventions reviewed here used a variety of strategies such as cognitive behavioral approaches, exposure and narrative techniques, relaxation, coping skill development, social support, psychoeducation, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, and debriefing. A diagnosis of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or posttraumatic stress reactions were the most commonly addressed outcomes although other reactions such as depression, anxiety, behavior problems, fear, and/or traumatic grief also were examined. Recommendations for future research are outlined.

Keywords: children; disaster; intervention; outcomes; posttraumatic stress; posttraumatic stress disorder; research; terrorism; therapy; treatment.


Figure 1. Flow diagram of the literature search and research reviewed. *Two stages of one study which described a two-phase trial12 were analyzed separately, resulting in 48 interventions for review.

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