Clinical evaluation of a wound measurement and documentation system

Wounds. 2008 Sep;20(9):258-64.


Wound measurement is essential in assessing the progress of wound healing. The most commonly used tools include wound tracings, width and length measurements, and digital photography. These methods have been useful in clinical practice but have some limitations, such as lack of accuracy, difficulty of use, and often entail wound contact. More advanced equipment tends to be bulky, heavy, and expensive. The following reviews the authors' experience with a new wound measurement and documentation system, the ARANZ Medical Silhouette Mobile™ (ARANZ Medical, Christchurch, New Zealand). This innovative device combines a digital camera and structured lighting in the form of 2 laser beams to automatically correct for image scale and skin curvature, allowing rapid and accurate measurements of the wound surface area and depth. The scanner unit plugs into a standard personal digital assistant to form a portable device that can be easily held and operated using 1 hand. The scanner has been used in clinical practice trials in patients with venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and in the community setting. The scanner was found to be accurate and reliable, easy to learn and use, portable, and compact. The results presented suggest that this device may be a viable choice in the management of different types of chronic wounds.