Characterization of voltage-driven twisted nematic liquid crystal cell by dynamic polarization scanning ellipsometry

Opt Express. 2015 Apr 20;23(8):10213-23. doi: 10.1364/OE.23.010213.


A dynamic polarization scanning ellipsometry technique based on Stokes polarimetry is proposed for dynamically characterizing a voltage-driven twisted nematic liquid crystal (TNLC) cell. In the proposed method, the six effective ellipsometric parameters are extracted under modulation voltages ranging from 0 V ~ + 10 V using four linearly polarized input lights. The profiles of the tilt angle and twist angle are calculated as a function of the modulation voltage. The validity of the proposed method is confirmed by comparing the experimental results for the effective ellipsometric parameters of a TNLC cell with the analytical results. Furthermore, a genetic algorithm (GA) based on a curve-fitting technique is used to inversely extract the pretilt angle, twist angle and rubbing direction of the TNLC cell. These extracted values are then compared to the known valued of the TNLC cell. In general, the results presented in this paper show that the proposed method provides a reliable means of obtaining the dynamic optical properties of a TNLC cell.