Linking the SUMO protease SENP5 to neutrophil differentiation of AML cells

Leuk Res Rep. 2015 Apr 23;4(1):32-5. doi: 10.1016/j.lrr.2015.04.002. eCollection 2015.


In an mRNA profiling screen performed to unveil novel mechanisms of leukemogenesis, we found that the sentrin-specific protease 5 (SENP5) was significantly repressed in clinical acute myeloid leukemia when compared to healthy neutrophil samples. SENP5 is an enzyme that targets and cleaves small ubiquitin-like modifier (SUMO) residues from SUMOylated proteins. Further investigation with AML neutrophil differentiation cell models showed increased SENP5 expression upon induction of differentiation; in contrast, knocking down SENP5 resulted in significantly attenuated neutrophil differentiation. Our results support a new role of SENP5 in AML pathology, and in particular in the neutrophil differentiation of myeloid leukemic cells.

Keywords: AML; Acute myeloid leukemia; Neutrophil differentiation; SENP5; SUMO protease.