Preparing Emerging Doctoral Scholars for Transdisciplinary Research: A Developmental Approach

J Teach Soc Work. 2015;35(1-2):131-150. doi: 10.1080/08841233.2014.980929.


Research models that bridge disciplinary, theoretical, and methodological boundaries are increasingly common as funders and the public push for timely, effective, collaborative responses to pressing social and environmental problems. Although social work is inherently an integrative discipline, there is growing recognition of the need to better prepare emerging scholars for sophisticated transdisciplinary and translational research environments. This paper outlines a developmental, competency-oriented approach to enhancing the readiness of doctoral students and emerging scholars in social work and allied disciplines for transdisciplinary research, describes an array of pedagogical tools applicable in doctoral course work and other program elements, and urges coordinated attention to enhancing the field's transdisciplinary training capacity.

Keywords: doctoral education; interdisciplinary; pedagogy; transdisciplinary; translational.