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. 2014 Jun 13;1(5):e158.
doi: 10.14800/rci.158.

ArfGAPs: Key Regulators for Receptor Sorting

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ArfGAPs: Key Regulators for Receptor Sorting

Yoko Shiba et al. Receptors Clin Investig. .
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Mammalian cells have many membranous organelles that require proper composition of proteins and lipids. Cargo sorting is a process required for transporting specific proteins and lipids to appropriate organelles, and if this process is disrupted, organelle function as well as cell function is disrupted. ArfGAP family proteins have been found to be critical for receptor sorting. In this review, we summarize our recent knowledge about the mechanism of cargo sorting that require function of ArfGAPs in promoting the formation of transport vesicles, and discuss the involvement of specific ArfGAPs for the sorting of a variety of receptors, such as MPR, EGFR, TfR, Glut4, TRAIL-R1/DR4, M5-muscarinic receptor, c-KIT, rhodopsin and β1-integrin. Given the importance of many of these receptors to human disease, the studies of ArfGAPs may provide novel therapeutic strategies in addition to providing mechanistic insight of receptor sorting.


Figure 1
Figure 1. Schematic of domain structure of human ArfGAPs (modified from [15])
Not drawn to scale. Abbreviations are; ArfGAP, ArfGAP domain; ALPS, ArfGAP1 Lipid-Packing Sensor; CB, clathrin-box; CALM BD, CALM Binding Domain; ANK, ankyrin repeat; SHD, Spa-Homology Domain; CC, Coiled Coil; PBS, Paxillin Binding Site; PH, Preckstrin Homolody; (E/DLPPKP)8, eight times repeat of E/DLPPKP sequence; SH3, Src-Homology 3; SAM, Sterile Alpha-Motif; RhoGAP, Rho Gap domain; RA, Ras-association domain; GLD, GTP-binding protein-Like Domain

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