Eight known species of Aphelenchoides nematodes with description of a new species from Manipur, India

J Parasit Dis. 2015 Jun;39(2):225-33. doi: 10.1007/s12639-013-0323-4. Epub 2013 Jun 20.


Study of Aphelenchoides nematodes from different localities of Manipur were conducted for their documentation. During the study eight known and a new species were identified. Aphelenchoides aerialis sp. nov. differed from all other species of Aphelenchoides in having a tail without bifurcation and strong ventral mucro with single ventrosublateral caudal papillae in male. The known species along with the new species are described in the present study.

Keywords: Aphelenchoides; India; Manipur; Nematode; New species.