Exercise as an Adjunct Therapy In Chronic Kidney Disease

Renal Nutr Forum. 2014;33(4):1-8.


Physical activity levels are low in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Evidence indicates that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to increased morbidity and mortality risk; thus, increasing physical activity is an undeniable aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Despite the myriad of health benefits associated with exercise, as well as clinical guidelines in its favor, exercise is still not prescribed as part of routine care in the CKD patient population. This article briefly discusses the benefits of regular exercise implemented across all stages of CKD on independent predictors of survival such as cardiorespiratory fitness, cardiovascular health and protein-energy wasting. Health care providers of the multidisciplinary nephrology team play a pivotal role in the encouragement and implementation of increasing physical activity levels. In order to increase physical activity counseling and enhance healthcare providers' confidence in prescribing exercise for CKD patients, general recommendations for physical activity in these patients are provided.