Cupping therapy: A prudent remedy for a plethora of medical ailments

J Tradit Complement Med. 2015 Feb 10;5(3):127-34. doi: 10.1016/j.jtcme.2014.11.036. eCollection 2015 Jul.


Since ancient times, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM; bǔ chōng yǔ tì dài yī xué) have played an important role in human health and welfare. Many therapeutic approaches in healthcare outside the realm of conventional medicine persist in various parts of the world. There is considerable scientific and commercial potential in CAM, which needs to be explored precisely. Cupping therapy ( bá guàn liáo fǎ), one of the CAM, is practiced across the world. This therapy is believed to act by correcting imbalances in the internal bio field, such as by restoring the flow of "Qi (qì)". Cupping involves applying a heated cup to generate a partial vacuum that mobilizes the blood flow and promotes effective healing. This review outlines various tools and techniques of cupping therapy.

Keywords: Al-Hijama; Raktamokshana; dry cupping; wet cupping; ‘S’ techniques.

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  • Review