The toxicity of Mexican poppy (Argemone mexicana L) seeds to rats

Vet Hum Toxicol. 1989 Dec;31(6):555-8.


Toxicolethal effects of seeds of mexican poppy (Argemone mexicana L) were investigated in to roof rat, (Rattus rattus L). The argemone seeds were fed at 100% of the diet up to the death or for a maximum of 10 days. Observed signs of poisoning were sedation, passiveness, sluggishness, feeble or no muscular jerks, abdominal contractions and increased defecation. Also black secretions from the eyes, corneal opacity, erection of hairs, and edema of the hind legs and submandibular space in were noted. Fourteen of 16 rats died. Significant reduction in the weights of the rats was observed. There were significant increases in blood glucose, BUN and SGOT. Major histopathological lesions were: hepatocytolysis, nuclear degeneration, pyknosis, cloudy swelling and dilatated sinusoids disturbing the lobulalar architecture of the liver; proliferated endothelium of glomeruli, hemorrhage in glomeruli and interstitium, and cloudy swelling of convoluted tubular epithelium in the kidney cortical region; erosion and atrophy of the upper stomach mucosa and calcification in the cardiac stomach, and; erosion and congestion of the upper mucosa of the duodenum. No change was noticed in the ileum.

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