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, 7 (1), 16-27

Hepatitis C Infection and Chronic Renal Diseases


Hepatitis C Infection and Chronic Renal Diseases

Aline Gonzalez Vigani. Hepatol Int.


Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and chronic renal diseases can be linked in two different ways. Some forms of renal disease are precipitated by HCV infection, while patients with end-stage renal disease are at increased risk for acquiring HCV infection. Patients with chronic HCV infection and renal disease have a poor prognosis. Most studies on treatment of HCV and renal diseases have been uncontrolled trials with small number of subjects. So, there is a lack of evidence-based recommendations and guidelines on the management of this condition. In this review, we will attempt to provide the most recent insights on HCV infection both as a extrahepatic manifestations and as a complication of end-stage renal patients.

Keywords: Chronic renal diseases; Hepatitis C; Treatment.

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