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. 2015 Aug 7;13(8):e1002218.
doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1002218. eCollection 2015 Aug.

Take Pax6 for a Cortical 6-Pack

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Take Pax6 for a Cortical 6-Pack

Roland G Roberts. PLoS Biol. .
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This synopsis examines the implications of a new study that imposes primate-like expression of the transcription factor Pax6 on the developing mouse cortex and finds evidence of primate-like proliferation of neuronal progenitors.

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Fig 1
Fig 1. The effects of a “primate-like” Pax6 expression pattern on the mouse cortex.
Each panel shows a slice through the developing mouse cortex, with the outer surface (pia) at the top and the ventricle at the bottom (VZ—ventricular zone; SVZ—subventricular zone; IZ—intermediate zone; CP—cortical plate). The upper panel shows the normal mouse pattern of development, while the lower panel shows the effects of sustaining Pax6 in a primate-like way. The effects include (from left) rotation of the aRG cleavage plane, higher numbers of bRGs, increased proliferation in the SVZ, and more neurons (modified from [2]).

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