What Is Fitness Training? Definitions and Implications: A Systematic Review Article

Iran J Public Health. 2015 May;44(5):602-14.


Background: This review based upon studies searched from the major scientific libraries has the objective of clarifying what is fitness training in modern days, the implications that it has on health in both youth and elderly and finally discuss fitness training practical implications.

Methods: The PRISMA statement was partially adopted and a number of 92 items were selected, according to the inclusion criteria. Results were discussed in 4 main sections: 1. Children and adolescents fitness levels; 2. Fitness training in the elderly; 3. Pathology prevention through fitness training; 4. Training through Fitness activities.

Results: This review pointed out the fact that nowadays there is a large variety of fitness activities available within gyms and fitness centers. Even though they significantly differ with each other, the common aim they have is the wellbeing of the people through the improvement of the physical fitness components and the psychological balance.

Conclusion: Fitness instructors' recommendations should be followed in gym context and should be contingent upon an individual's objectives, physical capacity, physical characteristics and experience.

Keywords: Conditioning; Fitness training; Physical activity; Physical fitness.

Publication types

  • Review