In Silico Characterization and Analysis of RTBP1 and NgTRF1 Protein Through MD Simulation and Molecular Docking: A Comparative Study

Interdiscip Sci. 2015 Sep;7(3):275-86. doi: 10.1007/s12539-015-0268-7. Epub 2015 Aug 20.


Gaining access to sequence and structure information of telomere-binding proteins helps in understanding the essential biological processes involve in conserved sequence-specific interaction between DNA and the proteins. Rice telomere-binding protein (RTBP1) and Nicotiana glutinosa telomere repeat binding factor (NgTRF1) are helix-turn-helix motif type of proteins that plays role in telomeric DNA protection and length regulation. Both the proteins share same type of domain, but till now there is very less communication on the in silico studies of these complete proteins. Here we intend to do a comparative study between two proteins through modeling of the complete proteins, physiochemical characterization, MD simulation and DNA-protein docking. I-TASSER and CLC protein work bench was performed to find out the protein 3D structure as well as the different parameters to characterize the proteins. MD simulation was completed by GROMOS forcefield of GROMACS for 10 ns of time stretch. The simulated 3D structures were docked with template DNA (3D DNA modeled through 3D-DART) of TTTAGGG conserved sequence motif using HADDOCK Web server. By digging up all the facts about the proteins, it was revealed that around 120 amino acids in the tail part were showing a good sequence similarity between the proteins. Molecular modeling, sequence characterization and secondary structure prediction also indicate the similarity between the protein's structure and sequence. The result of MD simulation highlights on the RMSD, RMSF, Rg, PCA and energy plots which also conveys the similar type of motional behavior between them. The best complex formation for both the proteins in docking result also indicates for the first interaction site which is mainly the helix3 region of the DNA-binding domain. The overall computational analysis reveals that RTBP1 and NgTRF1 proteins display good amount of similarity in their physicochemical properties, structure, dynamics and binding mode.

Keywords: DNA-protein docking; GROMACS; HTH motif; I-TASSER; Telomere-binding protein.

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