Back to Basics - 'Must Know' Classical Signs in Thoracic Radiology

J Clin Imaging Sci. 2015 Jul 31:5:43. doi: 10.4103/2156-7514.161977. eCollection 2015.


There are a few signs in radiology which are based on many common objects or patterns that we come across in our routine lives. The objective behind the association between such common objects and the corresponding pathologies is to make the reader understand and remember the disease process. These signs do not necessarily indicate a particular disease, but are usually suggestive of a group of similar pathologies which will facilitate in the narrowing down of the differential diagnosis. These signs can be seen in different imaging modalities like plain radiograph and computed tomography. In this essay, we describe 24 classical radiological signs used in chest imaging, which would be extremely helpful in routine clinical practice not only for radiologists but also for chest physicians and cardiothoracic surgeons.

Keywords: Chest; X-ray; computed tomography; signs; thoracic radiography.