On the electro-magnetic nature of life

Panminerva Med. 1989 Oct-Dec;31(4):151-65.


Man has wondered since the dawning of thought about the origin and the meaning of the spark of life. How does life work and what is the difference between life and non-life? This paper wonders about the part that electromagnetism plays in the life process. It proposes a new insight into the relation of in vivo electromagnetic fields and gravitational fields and discusses such manifestations as solitons, the quantum hall effect, gravity waves, biological strings, biologically closed electric circuits, phonos and the piezoelectric nature of living tissue. It proposes a new and fundamental form of resonance, called Jacobson resonance. The system unifies quantum genetic characters and associated structures with electromagnetic field interaction energies. The result is the reorientation of atomic crystal lattice structures of organic molecules critical to the sustenance of life. A new treatment methodology is proposed for genomic, viral and trophic factor disorders essentially in terms of the potential efficacy of the magnetic force to reorient the spin angular momenta of electrons and protons; to therein rearrange atomic and molecular magnetic domains regulating homeostasis on microscopic, mesosopic and macroscopic levels through biological amplification of quantum interactions. Finally it proposes that the equation, mc2 = Bvl coulomb, may indeed represent the achievement of fourfold physical unification, the unification of physics and medicine, and resultant production of a thorough understanding of what may be the most fundamental natural law of the universe representing the ultimate goal of Einsteinian equivalence and relativistic field theory.

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