Covalency-reinforced oxygen evolution reaction catalyst

Nat Commun. 2015 Sep 10;6:8249. doi: 10.1038/ncomms9249.


The oxygen evolution reaction that occurs during water oxidation is of considerable importance as an essential energy conversion reaction for rechargeable metal-air batteries and direct solar water splitting. Cost-efficient ABO3 perovskites have been studied extensively because of their high activity for the oxygen evolution reaction; however, they lack stability, and an effective solution to this problem has not yet been demonstrated. Here we report that the Fe(4+)-based quadruple perovskite CaCu3Fe4O12 has high activity, which is comparable to or exceeding those of state-of-the-art catalysts such as Ba(0.5)Sr(0.5)Co(0.8)Fe(0.2)O(3-δ) and the gold standard RuO2. The covalent bonding network incorporating multiple Cu(2+) and Fe(4+) transition metal ions significantly enhances the structural stability of CaCu3Fe4O12, which is key to achieving highly active long-life catalysts.

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