[Detection of Ethoprophos Using SERS Coupled with Magnetic Fe3O4/Ag Composite Materials]

Guang Pu Xue Yu Guang Pu Fen Xi. 2015 May;35(5):1276-80.
[Article in Chinese]


The magnetic Fe3O4/Ag composite materials were synthesized by reducing AgNO3 with sodium citrate in the presence of Fe3O4 which were prepared by co-precipitation firstly. The enrichment and extraction of ethoprophos assembled on Fe3O4/Ag were achieved with the applied magnetic field. The different concentrations of ethoprophos adsorbed on Fe3O4/Ag were analyzed by SERS and it was showed that the trace analysis of ethoprophos had been established, while the enhancement factor of probe molecules on Fe3O4/Ag was 1. 48 X 10(5). The structure and morphology of Fe3O4/Ag were characterized by UV-Vis, EDX and TEM. Compared with Ag, the UV-Vis absorption peak of Fe3O4/Ag shifted from 417 to 369 nm, and the UV-Vis of Fe3O4 almost had no characteristic absorption peak in this region. At the same time, it was showed that the surface properties of Fe3O4/Ag changed with Raman enhancement effect during the aggregation process of Ag around the surface of Fe3O4. Further EDX images of micro area element analysis suggested that the chemical composition of products were Ag, Fe and O while the Cu peak was from the copper mesh. In addition, TEM images indicated that the average particle size of Fe3O4 was between 30 and 60 nm with shape tended to be spherical. And the silver nanoparticles were attached to the Fe3O4 particles and agglomeration occured. Density functional theory calculations which can be applied to qualitative judgment of molecule was carried out to obtain the molecular optimization structure and theoretical Raman spectra. It was found that the stabilized SERS signals were detected under the saturated adsorption equilibrium after 15 min. Finally, Raman response of ethoprophos was achieved with lower than 2 X 10(-8) mol . L-1 , indicatint that the established method had reached the requirements of ethoprophos residues detection and could be used for analysis of sulfur-containing organophosphorus pesticide.

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