Diabetes and cardiovascular disease: Epidemiology, biological mechanisms, treatment recommendations and future research

World J Diabetes. 2015 Oct 10;6(13):1246-58. doi: 10.4239/wjd.v6.i13.1246.


The incidence of diabetes mellitus (DM) continues to rise and has quickly become one of the most prevalent and costly chronic diseases worldwide. A close link exists between DM and cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is the most prevalent cause of morbidity and mortality in diabetic patients. Cardiovascular (CV) risk factors such as obesity, hypertension and dyslipidemia are common in patients with DM, placing them at increased risk for cardiac events. In addition, many studies have found biological mechanisms associated with DM that independently increase the risk of CVD in diabetic patients. Therefore, targeting CV risk factors in patients with DM is critical to minimize the long-term CV complications of the disease. This paper summarizes the relationship between diabetes and CVD, examines possible mechanisms of disease progression, discusses current treatment recommendations, and outlines future research directions.

Keywords: Cardiovascular disease; Diabetes mellitus; Mechanism; Treatment.

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