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. 2015 Nov 13;10:12.
doi: 10.1186/s13010-015-0032-y.

A Charter for Biomedical Research Ethics in a Progressive, Caring Society

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A Charter for Biomedical Research Ethics in a Progressive, Caring Society

Sylvie Vandoolaeghe et al. Philos Ethics Humanit Med. .
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Background: Given that advances in research continuously raise new ethical issues, a multidisciplinary working group of investigators involved in biomedical research has gathered to discuss and compare ethical viewpoints in their daily practice.

Methods: The working group has drafted a Charter for Ethics in Biomedical Research that encompasses all the steps in the research process, i.e. from the initial idea to analysis and publication of the results.

Results: Based on key principles for ethically responsible research, the Charter may serve as a tool for performing research, discussing research issues and training researchers.

Conclusions: The Charter should stimulate researchers to think about their responsibility for research in a progressive, caring society.

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