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, 21 (12), 1373

Aging: Toward Avoiding the Inevitable

No authors listed

Aging: Toward Avoiding the Inevitable

No authors listed. Nat Med.

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  • The Metabolic Regulation of Aging
    T Finkel. Nat Med 21 (12), 1416-23. PMID 26646498. - Review
    Here we review the environmental and genetic manipulations that link cellular and organismal metabolism to aging. In particular, we explore how nutrients are sensed and h …
  • Cellular Senescence in Aging and Age-Related Disease: From Mechanisms to Therapy
    BG Childs et al. Nat Med 21 (12), 1424-35. PMID 26646499. - Review
    Cellular senescence, a process that imposes permanent proliferative arrest on cells in response to various stressors, has emerged as a potentially important contributor t …

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