Cancellation of operations in Saudi Arabian hospitals: Frequency, reasons and suggestions for improvements

Pak J Med Sci. 2015 Sep-Oct;31(5):1027-32. doi: 10.12669/pjms.315.7932.


Objective: To identify the frequency and reasons of operations cancellation in 25 Makkah region hospitals in Saudi Arabia.

Methods: Retrospective evaluation of the rate of surgery cancellation in 25 hospitals of Makkah region was performed in this study. The data of scheduled surgeries from 15 different surgical specialties was collected from January to December 2013. Frequency and reasons of cancellation of elective surgical cases in different specialty were studied with a view to recommend suggestions for improvement. Data was analyzed on SPSS -16.

Results: There are 120 operating rooms (OR) in 25 Makkah region hospitals and during the year 2013, a total of 16,211 surgery cases were listed, and 1,238 (7.6%) cases were canceled. Contribution to total cancellation was highest in orthopedic 33.8% followed by general surgery 27.5%, obstetrics 7.7% and ENT 5.2%. According to category, 42.81% rate of cancellation was patient related, 20.03% facility related, 9.45% due to improper work-up, 1.45% associated with anesthesia, 7.19% related to surgeons, and 18.90% other/and not recorded reasons.

Conclusions: Present study found 7.6% cancelation rate in Makkah region hospitals and three most common causes for cancellations were patients related, facility related and improper work-up.

Keywords: Makkah region; Operating rooms; Saudi Arabia; Surgery cancelation.