Botox Therapy in Dentistry: A Review

J Int Oral Health. 2015;7(Suppl 2):103-5.


There are many medical and dental conditions which do not have complete treatment modalities in conventional ways. The botulinum toxin can be used as an alternative treatment modality working through chemo denervation method in many medical and dental conditions. An internet research was done for botulinum toxin used in dentistry and all articles and studies were selected, articles related to dentistry were extracted and summarized. This article explains the basic of botulinum toxin and some of its uses in dentistry. In next parts, the extensive details of its use in dentistry will be dealt with.

Keywords: Botox; botulinum toxin; bruxism; chemodenervation; cosmetics; dentistry; facial wrinkles; temporomandibular disorders.

Publication types

  • Review