Review of the genus Hieromantis Meyrick from China, with descriptions of three new species (Lepidoptera, Stathmopodidae)

Zookeys. 2015 Nov 11:(534):85-102. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.534.5997. eCollection 2015.


Six species of the genus Hieromantis occurring in China are reviewed. Hieromantis rectangula sp. n., Hieromantis arcuata sp. n. and Hieromantis puerensis sp. n. are described as new, and Hieromantis phaeodora Meyrick, 1929 is newly recorded in China. Photographs of adults and illustrations of genitalia are provided, along with an identification key and a distribution map.

Keywords: China; Hieromantis; Lepidoptera; Stathmopodidae; new record; new species.