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Comparative Study
. 2016 Feb;31(1):94-107.
doi: 10.1177/0748730415622285. Epub 2015 Dec 27.

Evaluation of the Charité Jet Lag Scale: Further Assessment of Jet Lag Using a Method-Comparison Approach

Comparative Study

Evaluation of the Charité Jet Lag Scale: Further Assessment of Jet Lag Using a Method-Comparison Approach

Tanja Becker et al. J Biol Rhythms. .


The first German Charité Jet Lag Scale (CJS), based on the only validated English questionnaire, was introduced in a former study. In addition to providing further jet lag investigations, this second method-comparison study aims to evaluate the CJS. Consistent interviewing methods are essential for future research in identifying possible cross-cultural tendencies, advancing jet lag definition, and establishing potential alleviation methods. Jet lag in 17 German chorus members (5 male, 12 female, mean age 42.35 ± 13.06 years) was monitored on their 2½-week trip from Germany to Argentina and back by use of actigraphy, sleep diaries, and the CJS. Cronbach's alpha, Pearson and Lin correlations, and Bland-Altman diagrams were applied to assess CJS reliability and validity between all measurement methods. CJS study analysis results reconfirmed the prevalence of jet lag at approximately 60%. Moreover, the study assessed high Cronbach's alpha values and significant positive correlations for several corresponding and related sleep parameters and CJS items such as total sleep time (TST) and sleep onset latency (SOL). The confidence limits in the Bland-Altman diagrams remained within the limits of earlier studies (TST ± 1 h, SOL ± 30 min). Overall, jet lag measures in this study confirmed previous jet lag studies. Evidence indicates positive reliability and validity of the CJS, with lower specificity in some parameters. We conclude that the CJS is applicable for complex jet lag studies. The findings provide support for further development of the scale and its capability as a consistent jet lag interviewing method.

Keywords: Charité Jet Lag Scale; actigraphy; jet lag; method comparison; questionnaire; sleep diary; validity.

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