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, 6 (4), e25411

Hamstring Muscle Injuries, a Rehabilitation Protocol Purpose


Hamstring Muscle Injuries, a Rehabilitation Protocol Purpose

Xavier Valle et al. Asian J Sports Med.


Context: Hamstring acute muscle injuries are prevalent in several sports including AFL football (Australian Football League), sprinting and soccer, and are often associated with prolonged time away from sport.

Evidence acquisition: In response to this, research into prevention and management of hamstring injury has increased, but epidemiological data shows no decline in injury and re-injury rates, suggesting that rehabilitation programs and return to play (RTP) criteria have to be improved. There continues to be a lack of consensus regarding how to assess performance, recovery and readiness to RTP, following hamstring strain injury.

Results: The aim of this paper was to propose rehabilitation protocol for hamstring muscle injuries based on current basic science and research knowledge regarding injury demographics and management options.

Conclusions: Criteria-based (subjective and objective) progression through the rehabilitation program will be outlined along with exercises for each phase, from initial injury to RTP.

Keywords: Muscles; Rehabilitation; Skeletal; Wounds and Injuries.


Figure 1.
Figure 1.. Rehabilitation Protocol Design Basis; RHB, Rehabilitation
Figure 2.
Figure 2.. Therapeutic Exercises Combination, And Progresion During Phases
Figure 3.
Figure 3.. Exercise Progression Examples
Acute phase in first column (five exercises), subacute phase in the second column (four exercises), and functional in the third column.

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