Effect of Vatari Guggulu in the management of Gridhrasi (sciatica)

Ayu. 2015 Jan-Mar;36(1):41-5. doi: 10.4103/0974-8520.169019.


Introduction: Low back pain is one of the common conditions of loco motor system disorder, affects people during their productive life. About 40% cases of low back pain are of radicular in origin and considered under the umbrella of sciatic syndrome. It is a pain dominant disease and reduces human activity considerably in terms of personal as well as social and professional life. The condition resembles disease Gridhrasi mentioned in Ayurveda under the umbrella of Vatavyadhi, and here piercing type of pain which restricts the movement of the affected leg, make his walking pattern-like bird vulture and put him in disgraceful condition.

Aim: To assess the effect of Vatari Guggulu on the management of Gridhrasi.

Materials and methods: A total of 40 patients of Gridhrasi were registered and Vatari Guggulu 3 tablet (500 mg each) twice a day was administered before meal with lukewarm water for 30 days.

Results and conclusions: About 32.35% of the patient improved moderately while mild improvement was observed in 47.09% of the patients. The drug has shown better effect on patients of Vata Kaphaja type of Gridhrasi in comparison of Vataja type of Gridhrasi.

Keywords: Gridhrasi; Vatari Guggulu; sciatica.