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, 2015, 850184

Low Back Pain in Athletes Is Associated With General and Sport Specific Risk Factors: A Comprehensive Review of Longitudinal Studies


Low Back Pain in Athletes Is Associated With General and Sport Specific Risk Factors: A Comprehensive Review of Longitudinal Studies

Vahideh Moradi et al. Rehabil Res Pract.


We aimed to examine systematically the available evidence on risk factors of low back pain (LBP) in athletes. We performed search without language restriction in PubMed, Ovid, Google Scholar, Scopus, and CINAHL. Longitudinal studies that examined possible risk factors of LBP in athletes were included in this systematic review. Based on methodological quality of studies, a best-evidence synthesis was conducted. Seven longitudinal studies were included, four of which had high methodological quality. Results showed that previous LBP, decreased lumbar flexion, and decreased lumbar extension are positively associated with LBP. There was moderate evidence for hip flexor tightness and high body weight as a risk factor. We found insufficient evidence for association between forward bending, previous injury, and amount of training per week, active years, age, and sex with LBP. In conclusion this study would provide a list of risk factors for LBP in athletes, though it showed a strong evidence for only a few including decrease lumbar flexion or extension, previous LBP, and high body weight. This review indicated a high heterogeneity of study characteristics including assessed risk factors and statistical techniques might limit the quality of evidence.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Flowchart of studies selection.

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