Challenges to Implementation of Global Translational Collaboration Platforms

MOJ Proteom Bioinform. 2015;2(6):65. doi: 10.15406/mojpb.2015.02.00065.


Translational Collaboration Platforms connect clinical, genomics, and patient-reported data for the advancement of biomedical research, providing an opportunity to speed up the translating of basic science findings into clinical applications and new medicines. These platforms bring together data from both clinical and research databases and provide opportunities for multi-disciplinary research. Recent years have seen a significant growth of these platforms and some global collaborations research networks have been established using these platforms. In this brief summary of these platforms, we examine the challenges in implementation for global international research collaborations and challenges for the sustainability of research networks.

Keywords: Big Data; Clinical Informatics; Collaboration; Genomics; Global Health; International Research; Translational Platforms.