Smart Drill-Down: A New Data Exploration Operator

Proceedings VLDB Endowment. 2015 Aug;8(12):1928-1931.


We present a data exploration system equipped with smart drill-down, a novel operator for interactively exploring a relational table to discover and summarize "interesting" groups of tuples. Each such group of tuples is represented by a rule. For instance, the rule (a, b, ★, 1000) tells us that there are a thousand tuples with value a in the first column and b in the second column (and any value in the third column). Smart drill-down presents an analyst with a list of rules that together describe interesting aspects of the table. The analyst can tailor the definition of interesting, and can interactively apply smart drill-down on an existing rule to explore that part of the table. In the demonstration, conference attendees will be able to use the data exploration system equipped with smart drill-down, and will be able to contrast smart drill-down to traditional drill-down, for various interestingness measures, and resource constraints.