Resolution of Cutaneous Sarcoidosis Following Topical Application of Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi Mushroom)

Dermatol Ther (Heidelb). 2016 Mar;6(1):105-9. doi: 10.1007/s13555-016-0099-4. Epub 2016 Feb 11.


Ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom) has been used in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine as a herbal remedy for over 2000 years. Studies have shown that G. lucidum has anti-allergic, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. A review of the literature revealed that there were no studies examining the use of G. lucidum for the treatment of skin diseases. Here, we report the case of a 44-year-old male patient who used soap enriched with G. lucidum and goat's milk for 3 days in treating annular cutaneous sarcoidosis. The patient showed almost complete regression of the lesions.

Keywords: Annular cutaneous sarcoidosis; Ganoderma lucidum; Topical treatment.