Developing an Index to Measure Health System Performance: Measurement for Districts of Nepal

JNMA J Nepal Med Assoc. Apr-Jun 2014;52(194):845-55.


Various frameworks for measuring health system performance have been proposed and discussed. The scope of using performance indicators are broad, ranging from examining national health system to individual patients at various levels of health system. Development of innovative and easy index is essential to measure multidimensionality of health systems. We used indicators, which also serve as proxy to the set of activities, whose primary goal is to maintain and improve health. We used eleven indicators of MDGs, which represent all dimensions of health to develop index. These indicators are computed with similar methodology that of human development index. We used published data of Nepal for computation of the index for districts of Nepal as an illustration. To validate our finding, we compared the indices of these districts with other development indices of Nepal. An index for each district has been computed from eleven indicators. Then indices are compared with that of human development index, socio-economic and infrastructure development indices and findings has shown the similarity on distribution of districts. Categories of low and high performing districts on health system performance are also having low and high human development, socio-economic, and infrastructure indices respectively. This methodology of computing index from various indicators could assist policy makers and program managers to prioritize activities based on their performance. Validation of the findings with that of other development indicators show that this can be one of the tools, which can assist on assessing health system performance for policy makers, program managers and others.

Keywords: health system performance; health system performance index; human development index; socio-economic index; infrastructure index..

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