moco: Fast Motion Correction for Calcium Imaging

Front Neuroinform. 2016 Feb 16:10:6. doi: 10.3389/fninf.2016.00006. eCollection 2016.


Motion correction is the first step in a pipeline of algorithms to analyze calcium imaging videos and extract biologically relevant information, for example the network structure of the neurons therein. Fast motion correction is especially critical for closed-loop activity triggered stimulation experiments, where accurate detection and targeting of specific cells in necessary. We introduce a novel motion-correction algorithm which uses a Fourier-transform approach, and a combination of judicious downsampling and the accelerated computation of many L 2 norms using dynamic programming and two-dimensional, fft-accelerated convolutions, to enhance its efficiency. Its accuracy is comparable to that of established community-used algorithms, and it is more stable to large translational motions. It is programmed in Java and is compatible with ImageJ.

Keywords: Machine Vision Algorithms 150.1135; calcium imaging; dynamic programming; fourier transform; mesoscale neuroscience; motion correction.