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, 7, 99-113

Improving Medical Graduates' Training in Palliative Care: Advancing Education and Practice


Improving Medical Graduates' Training in Palliative Care: Advancing Education and Practice

Barbara A Head et al. Adv Med Educ Pract.


The needs of an aging population and advancements in the treatment of both chronic and life-threatening diseases have resulted in increased demand for quality palliative care. The doctors of the future will need to be well prepared to provide expert symptom management and address the holistic needs (physical, psychosocial, and spiritual) of patients dealing with serious illness and the end of life. Such preparation begins with general medical education. It has been recommended that teaching and clinical experiences in palliative care be integrated throughout the medical school curriculum, yet such education has not become the norm in medical schools across the world. This article explores the current status of undergraduate medical education in palliative care as published in the English literature and makes recommendations for educational improvements which will prepare doctors to address the needs of seriously ill and dying patients.

Keywords: end-of-life care; medical education; palliative care.


Figure 1
Figure 1
Flowchart of literature search procedure for eligible studies. Abbreviation: PC, palliative care.

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