Entrapment of middle cluneal nerves as an unknown cause of low back pain

World J Orthop. 2016 Mar 18;7(3):167-70. doi: 10.5312/wjo.v7.i3.167.


Entrapment of middle cluneal nerves induces low back pain and leg symptoms. The middle cluneal nerves can become spontaneously entrapped where this nerve pass under the long posterior sacroiliac ligament. A case of severe low back pain, which was completely treated by release of the middle cluneal nerve, was presented. Entrapment of middle cluneal nerves is possibly underdiagnosed cause of low-back and/or leg symptoms. Spinal surgeons should be aware of this clinical entity and avoid unnecessary spinal surgeries and sacroiliac fusion. This paper is to draw attention by pain clinicians in this unrecognized etiology.

Keywords: Entrapment neuropathy; Low back pain; Middle cluneal nerve; Neuropathic pain; Sacroiliac joint; Superior cluneal nerve.