Measurement Tools for the Immersive Visualization Environment: Steps Toward the Virtual Laboratory

J Res Natl Inst Stand Technol. 2007 Oct 1;112(5):257-70. doi: 10.6028/jres.112.019. Print Sep-Oct 2007.


This paper describes a set of tools for performing measurements of objects in a virtual reality based immersive visualization environment. These tools enable the use of the immersive environment as an instrument for extracting quantitative information from data representations that hitherto had be used solely for qualitative examination. We provide, within the virtual environment, ways for the user to analyze and interact with the quantitative data generated. We describe results generated by these methods to obtain dimensional descriptors of tissue engineered medical products. We regard this toolbox as our first step in the implementation of a virtual measurement laboratory within an immersive visualization environment.

Keywords: immersive visualization; measurement; tissue engineering; virtual laboratory; virtual reality.