Tubercular Uveitis with Ocular Manifestation as the First Presentation of Tuberculosis: A Case Series

J Clin Diagn Res. 2016 Mar;10(3):NR01-3. doi: 10.7860/JCDR/2016/16219.7375. Epub 2016 Mar 1.


Tuberculosis is very common disease in India. It is one of the most common causes of Granulomatous Uveitis in our Country even today. So the strongest suspicion in our mind when we are treating a case of Uveitis, should be TB. We reviewed all the cases of clinically suspected ocular tuberculosis attending the Ophthalmology OPD of Sri Siddhartha Medical College between December 2012 and December 2014 who were refractory to routine uveitis management and later on responded to anti-Tubercular treatment. History of TB contact, Ocular manifestation, Demographic Profile of the patients, Diagnostic test, Treatment regime were looked into. Here by we present a case series of 15 cases of refractory uveitis that later were detected to be of tuberculous origin. We studied the characteristic features, complications and correlation of mantoux test, ESR and Koch's contact with these cases.

Keywords: Koch’s contacts; Mantoux test; Posterior uveitis.