Plant Polygalacturonases Involved in Cell Elongation and Separation-The Same but Different?

Plants (Basel). 2014 Dec 9;3(4):613-23. doi: 10.3390/plants3040613.


Plant cells are surrounded by the primary cell wall, a rigid framework that needs to be modified in order to allow cell growth. Recent data suggest that in addition to the cellulose-hemicellulose network, the pectin matrix plays a critical role in determining the elasticity of the primary cell wall. Polygalacturonases are key homogalacturonan-hydrolyzing enzymes that function in a wide range of developmental processes. In this review, we present recent progress in understanding the role of polygalacturonases during cell elongation and separation. In discussing the specificities and possible redundancies of polygalacturonases, we focus particularly on newly discovered Arabidopsis mutants that have measurable loss-of-function phenotypes. However, data from other species are included when necessary.

Keywords: cell elongation; cell wall; genetic redundancy; pectin; polygalacturonase.

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  • Review