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, 59, 10-26

Spermatogenesis in Humans and Its Affecting Factors


Spermatogenesis in Humans and Its Affecting Factors

Filipe Tenorio Lira Neto et al. Semin Cell Dev Biol.


Spermatogenesis is an extraordinary complex process. The differentiation of spermatogonia into spermatozoa requires the participation of several cell types, hormones, paracrine factors, genes and epigenetic regulators. Recent researches in animals and humans have furthered our understanding of the male gamete differentiation, and led to clinical tools for the better management of male infertility. There is still much to be learned about this intricate process. In this review, the critical steps of human spermatogenesis are discussed together with its main affecting factors.

Keywords: Genetics; Germ cells; Human spermatogenesis; Male infertility; Reproduction; Sperm; Testis; Testosterone; Varicocele.

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