Effect of Y chromosome and H-2 complex derived from Japanese wild mouse on sperm morphology

Genet Res. 1989 Feb;53(1):17-9. doi: 10.1017/s0016672300027816.


Segregation of sperm abnormality level and H-2 haplotypes was investigated in F2 hybrid males obtained from reciprocal crosses involving two B10.congenic strains carrying H-2 and the Y chromosome of Japanese wild mice: B10.MOL-OHM (H-2wm4, 23.1% of sperm abnormalities) and B10.MOL-OKB (H-2wm8, 11.1% of sperm abnormalities). In both types of crosses mean levels of abnormal spermatozoa were significantly higher for males typed as H-2wm4/H-2wm4 than for heterozygous H-2wm4/H-2wm8 or homozygous H-2wm8/H-2wm8. These results suggest that the gene for high sperm abnormality is linked to H-2 complex of the B10.MOL-OHM strain.

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