Posterior Tibial Tendoscopy: Endoscopic Synovectomy and Assessment of the Spring (Calcaneonavicular) Ligament

Arthrosc Tech. 2015 Dec 14;4(6):e819-23. doi: 10.1016/j.eats.2015.08.006. eCollection 2015 Dec.


A tear of the spring ligament is frequently associated with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Repair of the damaged spring ligament is an important component of surgical reconstruction in the treatment of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction because it is a major anatomic contributor to the integrity of the medial longitudinal arch, particularly if the dynamic support of the posterior tibial tendon is compromised. Extensive dissection is required for exposure and repair of the ligament because it is a deep-seated structure. It is beneficial to confirm the presence of ligament tears before surgical exploration to avoid unnecessary dissection. Preoperative magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound studies have moderate sensitivity in the detection of these tears. We report an arthroscopic technique for assessment of the integrity of the spring ligament during endoscopic or open reconstruction of the posterior tibial tendon. This allows the surgeon to confirm the presence of a ligament tear before additional dissection to explore and repair the ligament.