The role of RNA segment 1 in an in vitro host restriction occurring in an avian influenza virus mutant

Virus Res. 1989 Apr;12(4):349-59. doi: 10.1016/0168-1702(89)90092-0.


A temperature sensitive mutant, ts C47, derived from A/FPV/Rostock/34 and with a ts mutation in RNA segment 8, fails to form plaques in MDCK cells. From data obtained with reassortant viruses using the human influenza isolate A/FM/1/47 it was apparent that more than one mutation contributed to the temperature-sensitive (ts) and host range (hr) phenotypes of ts C47, and the phenotype of reassortants containing RNA segment 1 from A/FM/1/47 indicated that this segment was involved. A single nucleotide substitution at nucleotide 1961, resulting in valine instead of methionine in the predicted amino acid sequence of polypeptide PB2, was found in RNA segment 1 of ts C47, but this mutation did not segregate with the attenuated phenotype on gene reassortment. The following conclusions are drawn: (a) that ts C47 has at least two mutations in addition to that already known to exist in RNA segment 8, one of which (that in RNA segment 1) does not contribute to the observed ts hr phenotypes and (b) that the hr phenotype can be suppressed by substitution of RNA segment 1 by that of another strain.

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