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. 2016 Jun 1;5(2):95-102.
doi: 10.15171/jcs.2016.010. eCollection 2016.

The Level of Professionalism of Nurses Working in a Hospital in Turkey

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The Level of Professionalism of Nurses Working in a Hospital in Turkey

Yurdanur Dikmen et al. J Caring Sci. .
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Introduction: Professionalism is characterized by the degree of dedication displayed by individuals regarding the values and behavioral attributes of a specific career identity. Professionalism indicates attitudes that represent high levels of identification with and commitment to a specific profession. In the process of the professional development of nursing, various factors affect these obstacles which may impede the professional development of nurses and their professional behaviors. This study was carried out with the aim of determining the professional behavior of nurses in a hospital in Turkey.

Methods: In this descriptive exploratory study a total of 89 nurses working in a public hospital in northwestern of Turkey were participated. Data were collected using a demographic questionnaire and Behavioral Inventory Form for Professionalism in Nursing (BIPN).

Results: The result showed that mean scores on the BIPN were 5.07 (3.47). The areas with the highest levels of professional behavior were competence and continuing education 1.88 (0.34). The professionalism levels for nurses were the lowest in the areas of autonomy 0.06 (0.34), publication 0.10 (0.25), and research 0.25 (0.60). There was a statistically significant difference between the total BIPN scores and the education levels of the nurses and the working of nurses.

Conclusion: The professional behavior of nurses is at a low level. Since the arrangement of the nurses' working conditions affects their professional behaviors; therefore, development in the field of professional behaviors in nursing must be assessed and supported to increase the quality of patient care.

Keywords: Behaviors; Nursing; Professional practice; Professionalism.

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