Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Posaconazole: an Update

Curr Fungal Infect Rep. 2016:10:51-61. doi: 10.1007/s12281-016-0255-4. Epub 2016 May 7.


Posaconazole is a second-generation triazole agent with a potent and broad antifungal activity. In addition to the oral suspension, a delayed-release tablet and intravenous formulation with improved pharmacokinetic properties have been introduced recently. Due to the large interindividual and intraindividual variation in bioavailability and drug-drug interactions, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) is advised to ensure adequate exposure and improve clinical response for posaconazole. Here, we highlight and discuss the most recent findings on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of posaconazole in the setting of prophylaxis and treatment of fungal infections and refer to the challenges associated with TDM of posaconazole.

Keywords: Dried blood spot; Fusarium infections; Invasive aspergillosis; Invasive fungal infection; Mucormycosis; Pharmacodynamics; Pharmacokinetics; Posaconazole; Prophylaxis; Scedosporium infections; Therapeutic drug monitoring.

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