Serum Zinc Levels in Cutaneous Disorders

Med J Armed Forces India. 2002 Oct;58(4):304-6. doi: 10.1016/S0377-1237(02)80083-1. Epub 2011 Jul 21.


Serum zinc levels were studied in 75 patients of different cutaneous disorders and 24 healthy controls. It was found to be significantly lower in acne vulgaris (71.5 ± 21.5µgm/100ml), leprosy(85.9 ± 26.9µgm/100ml) and psoriasis (93.3 ± 25.9µgm/100ml) as compared to healthy controls (105.3 ± 30.1µgm/100ml). No significant correlation was found in other cutaneous disorders studied i.e. vitiligo and aphthous ulcers where serum zinc levels were found to be 97.3 ± 26.6 µgm/100ml and 105.2 ± 23.5 µgm/100ml respectively.

Keywords: Acne vulgaris; Aphthous ulcers; Leprosy; Psoriasis; Vitiligo; Zinc.