Examining the Presence, Consequences, and Reduction of Implicit Bias in Health Care: A Narrative Review

Group Process Intergroup Relat. 2016 Jul;19(4):528-542. doi: 10.1177/1368430216642029. Epub 2016 May 8.


Recent evidence suggests that one possible cause of disparities in health outcomes for stigmatized groups is the implicit biases held by health care providers. In response, several health care organizations have called for, and developed, new training in implicit bias for their providers. This review examines current evidence on the role that provider implicit bias may play in health disparities, and whether training in implicit bias can effectively reduce the biases that providers exhibit. Directions for future research on the presence and consequences of provider implicit bias, and best practices for training to reduce such bias, will be discussed.

Keywords: bias reduction; health care; health disparities; implicit bias.