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, 49 (5), 1253-64

Endoscopic Techniques in Tympanoplasty


Endoscopic Techniques in Tympanoplasty

Jesus Franco Anzola et al. Otolaryngol Clin North Am.


The endoscope has transformed the way we observe, understand, and treat chronic ear disease. Improved view, exclusive transcanal techniques, assessment of ventilation routes and mastoid tissue preservation have led to decreased morbidity and functional enhancement of minimally invasive reconstruction of the middle ear. The philosophical identity of endoscopic ear surgery is evolving; new research, long-term results, and widespread acknowledgement of its postulates will undoubtedly define its role in otology.

Keywords: Endoscopic ear surgery; Endoscopic myringoplasty; Endoscopic tympanoplasty; Inlay; Interlay; Overlay; Underlay.

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