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. 2016 Jun;374(3):34.
doi: 10.1007/s41061-016-0035-1. Epub 2016 May 24.

Upgrading and Refining of Crude Oils and Petroleum Products by Ionizing Irradiation


Upgrading and Refining of Crude Oils and Petroleum Products by Ionizing Irradiation

Yuriy A Zaikin et al. Top Curr Chem (Cham). .


A general trend in the oil industry is a decrease in the proven reserves of light crude oils so that any increase in future oil exploration is associated with high-viscous sulfuric oils and bitumen. Although the world reserves of heavy oil are much greater than those of sweet light oils, their exploration at present is less than 12 % of the total oil recovery. One of the main constraints is very high expenses for the existing technologies of heavy oil recovery, upgrading, transportation, and refining. Heavy oil processing by conventional methods is difficult and requires high power inputs and capital investments. Effective and economic processing of high viscous oil and oil residues needs not only improvements of the existing methods, such as thermal, catalytic and hydro-cracking, but the development of new technological approaches for upgrading and refining of any type of problem oil feedstock. One of the perspective approaches to this problem is the application of ionizing irradiation for high-viscous oil processing. Radiation methods for upgrading and refining high-viscous crude oils and petroleum products in a wide temperature range, oil desulfurization, radiation technology for refining used oil products, and a perspective method for gasoline radiation isomerization are discussed in this paper. The advantages of radiation technology are simple configuration of radiation facilities, low capital and operational costs, processing at lowered temperatures and nearly atmospheric pressure without the use of any catalysts, high production rates, relatively low energy consumption, and flexibility to the type of oil feedstock.

Keywords: Desulfurization; High-viscous oils; Isomerization; Low-temperature radiation cracking; Polymerization; Radiation-thermal cracking; Used oil products.

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