Versatility of V-Y Flap in Gluteal Area

World J Plast Surg. 2016 May;5(2):154-9.


Background: Lesions in perineal area are common. The usual treatment is coverage by skin graft and flaps which may be local, pedicled or free types. In this paper V-Y flaps were used to cover the defects.

Methods: V-Y flaps were used in the gluteal area in 15 patients. Lesions were due to different causes.

Results: Of 15 patients, 11 were males and 4 were females. Their ages ranged from 3 weeks to 52 years old. Two cases were due to myelomeningocele, necrotizing fasciitis (2 cases) and the rest were due to bed sores (11 cases). The flaps were located over the trochanter (3 cases), ischial (6 cases) and sacral (6 cases). Good healing and durable coverage were obtained in all cases except one case.

Conclusion: V-Y flap as a working horse flap is recommended in the gluteal area.

Keywords: Gluteal area; Lesions; V-Y design.