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, 79 (12), 1147-1151

The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Growth Plate in Rat Tibiae


The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on the Growth Plate in Rat Tibiae

Flaviana Soares Rocha et al. Microsc Res Tech.


The deleterious effects of ionizing radiation on the growth plate continue to be cause for concern. This study evaluated the ionizing radiation effects on bone development and growth plate in the tibia of rats. All animals were submitted to ionizing radiation on the left leg. The animals were divided into two groups and euthanized 30 and 60 days after radiation. The tibiae were removed and separated into groups: control 30 days, irradiated 30 days, control 60 days and irradiated 60 days. Animals in each group (n = 7) were used for macroscopic and histological analysis. The irradiated tibiae showed arrested growth, angular deformity and limb length discrepancy when compared with nonirradiated tibiae. There was statistical difference between control and radiation groups in all the parameters analyzed, except in the lateral-medial thickness of the distal epiphysis. Histological analysis showed evident changes in the growth plate, which was thicker in the Groups irradiated for 30 days, and irradiated for 60 days, compared with their respective controls. The growth plate showed wide areas with disorganized zones of chondrocytes and severely reduced calcification zone. It was concluded that ionizing radiation damaged the growth plate, compromised the endochondral ossification process, and resulted in complete arrest of bone development.

Keywords: chondrocytes; growth plate; ionizing; radiation; tibia.

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